Giant LED Matrix

We all love blinky lights. What we love even more than blinky lights is a very detailed tutorial with great photos. [Richard Kline] has written this fantastic tutorial on how to build a large 5×7 LED matrix and control it with a PIC processor.  The bulk of the body is a foam insulation board, covered with a diffuser. Source code and schematics are available for download from the site. If you’ve ever thought about getting into PIC processors, this would be a great beginner project.

[via MakeZine]

6 thoughts on “Giant LED Matrix

  1. This isn’t completely new, what would be new is if a large group of people across a city would all connect a light on their roof or window and twitter-control it to make a gigantic display to mess with the minds of the people in the ISS and those controlling the spy satellites :)

  2. I agree with Whatnot. It would be fun to get a bunch of these together on either rooftops or on a roadway and have people tweet messages to a certain number and then each person will get a letter to change their board to. It could be a fun experiment.

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