Tank Drone With Automatic Targeting And Tracking

Humankind is making some great advances toward our own destruction with this tank drone. It’s got a powerful set of treads with an Airsoft rifle perched atop. Thanks to the cameras and the laser this thing can accurately target based on color. The hardware is controlled by a collection of Arduino boards connected via XBee so that Processing can be used on a computer. Just combine this with the facial recognition from yesterday and you’ve got the first generation of Terminators. Watch the clip after the break and you’ll realize that we’re doomed.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q4VtxZJfoE]

23 thoughts on “Tank Drone With Automatic Targeting And Tracking

  1. The day we’re completely doomed is the day that they program this to turn around when it hears someone creeping up behind it.

    Or when they make another model with panoramic vision.

  2. Send the Taliban a few thousand copies of terminator movies the release a couple of thousand of these in Afghanistan and the war will be over in a week! (And if not threaten to send in Christian Bale!)

  3. Is this an ancestor of Bolo Unit LNE?

    Being serious however, we’re approaching a point of near certainty that some cretin’s going to cause Very Bad Things with an armed ‘bot.

  4. @golem23
    Was stimmt nicht damit?

    There are several of these types of things that are already in production for the military though. Cool project though, looks like those guys had lots of fun.

  5. @Oren
    I totally agree, I love these kind of projects but I really doubt anything good’ll come from this sort of technology, well at least not until people have been killed by it and people start fighting fire with fire.

  6. That thing needs a stabilized gun mount. Though it explains why terminators can’t hit the broad side of a barn when they’re chasing after things.
    (With the exception of padlocked chains while riding motorcycles.)

  7. “Humankind is making some great advances toward our own destruction”

    Sooner the better also do us a favor and nuke shithole countries like Romania, Africa. Only the alcohol/drugs which makes people not to hang themselves every day when they wake up…

  8. Well, give me 2-3000 dollars and I’ll do the same….Here we have a commercial tank platform, an airsoft gun and a remote.

    Vision is very basic….tracking an orange ball on a white background is one of the first lessons of a student in artificial vision.

    Nothing really impressive in that. Real drones are much more freaky….

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