Project Apex, Apad Mod

[Carnivore] tried to break as many (unofficial) records as possible when he modified his Apad/M002 into what he calls Project Apex. Record number 1: [Derek] claims this is the first Apad mod, ever. Record number 2: 8500mAh battery, giving the device a 12 hour life which is longer than any other Android slate. Record number 3: beautiful factory-looking finish. Okay, so that last one isn’t really a record, but we thought Project Apex deserved it anyway. There are a few other modifications done to the device as well; click the link or catch a video of him showing off the slate after the jump.

[Thanks Derek Hughes]


17 thoughts on “Project Apex, Apad Mod

  1. I’m sorry but with an intro like that you have to follow it up with something a little more exciting, the monotone voice really didn’t help.

    The whole world records thing is kinda overkill also, not necessary to be mentioned, and just kinda silly.

    I honestly think the project is great, but the presentations could have been better.

  2. And the Most Pointless Overly Long YouTube Intro goes to…

    So he made a new back for a tablet which contains a large capacity battery pack, can we see it powered on please?

    Don’t get me wrong, increasing battery capacity is a good thing when done right, if my mobile phone had a terrible battery life, it only needs charging once a week (it’s an old battery, brand new it needed charging once every two weeks), I’d think about ‘upgrading’ it to use two 18650 cells to get a stupidly long run time.

  3. since when is obvious masses of bondo counted a “beautiful factory-like finish”? I think I could get something more professional looking using playdough…

  4. I agree. Six+ minutes of my life, that–had I paid strict attention to this vid (which I didn’t)–I would have felt pretty wasted…especially the first one.

    Nice mod, though.

  5. Just because the device didn’t have porn displaying on the screen and it wasn’t running WoW in the background you guys feel the need to mock a great mod. I feel incredibly sorry for you bunch of pathetic losers…go hang yourselves.

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