A Pair Of Rube Goldberg Builds


Here’s a couple of videos of Rube Goldberg machines that [Austin] built. The one above was completed in 2008 as a commercial contest entry for something-or-other. After the break you can see his build from 2007 which was just for fun. Both are quite nice additions to our collection of the complicated devices. We especially like the use of a sub-woofer to move a ping-pong ball and a vibrating cell phone for some wireless integration.


19 thoughts on “A Pair Of Rube Goldberg Builds

  1. I wonder how many times he had to reset and reshoot these before he got a one-take-run? (Thinking of the Mythbusters and their 50-odd reshoots of their Mentos/Diet Coke and electric monkey machine).

    Loved the use of cell phones in the machine. :)

  2. So where’s the rube goldberg machine that promises to make you breakfast, but actually shoots you in the arm by releasing a helium balloon tied to the gun trigger?!
    (Family guy reference)
    But I guess the airsoft headshot was close enuff a reference!

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