Panoramic And Spheric Tripod Rig

This simple yet precise build takes your camera for a spin in order to take spherical and multi-row panorama photographs. The rig mounts to a tripod, using two servo motors for motion, producing images that can be stitched together perfectly. An Arduino handles the hardware with an LCD interface for dialing in the settings.It’s not the cheapest way to get 360 degree shots but the example images are amazing.

[Thanks Juan]

12 thoughts on “Panoramic And Spheric Tripod Rig

  1. Wow, nice build and stunning images. I like panoramics. I’ve been messing with converting a scanner but this seems way better.
    Couldn’t find any info on the software package used to stich the photos though.
    If the OP is here: what camera are you using and I assume it mounts to the thing with the level? How did you calculate the correct locations for the axes of rotation? It varies based on lens focal length, right?

  2. This is mindblowing. I wish there were some sort 360 degree picture format, that you could actively scoll through a picture with, without a flash program needed.

    I saw he used a rotary encoder- those are not cheap- you’re looking at several hundred dollars for that alone, unless he salvaged it from something.

    The forest picture is AMAZING. It’s like I’m actually standing right there! I want to mark geocaches like this now- with a 360 panorama showing the location, so if you get in the vicinity, you’ll know where to look.

  3. …Also, I’m with [imsolidstate]- the page has a lot of the useable code, but no actual build directions. These are the highest quality 360 images I’ve ever seen- this is an item that screams for a build log- how are the rotation axes calculated for a given camera?

    If the maker of this item sees this hack a day post, please comment on this work of art- I’d kill for a build log of all the parts in detail they used, and how it all was made.

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