Cybraphon, Rocks Hard To The Mood Of The Internet

Start off with a beat, wood sticks on cigar boxes will do. Add some chimes as accent, a Farfisa organ or record player for a voice, several other instruments for harmony and dissonance, and you’re still just on the tip of the iceberg for understanding Cybraphon.

Not only is this antique wardrobe completely autonomous, playing music with over 60 robotic instruments, its song are based on the current mood of the internet. You definitely don’t want to miss the video (or pictures) on this one, catch it after the rift.

[Thanks to PsychoNerd91]


13 thoughts on “Cybraphon, Rocks Hard To The Mood Of The Internet

  1. The computer monitors mentions of itself on the net. So if something shows up on google, or people are commenting alot on youtube, on its page, twitter, facebook etc. it will get happier. If the fame doesn’t continue, it gets sad. (I’m not sure if it analyzes content of these to determine whether the mentions are of a positive sort).

    It also has sensors to detect people around it, so assumedly, the more people watching, the happier it would get as well.

    Also, I’d seem to thing it plays pre-programmed music assigned to certain moods. But who knows, I suppose it could be composing based on some pretty hard-core algorithms.

  2. looks like something that should be in a horror movie, go into a pitch black room of an old abandoned house in the middle of the night with a flash light, and you walk by it and it suddenly lights up and plays

  3. I forgot the word *mentions* in my previous statement. oops.

    I think it’s a good plan to get AI obsessed with facebook and twitter before skynet takes over. It should help slow the speed of their assault if they’re constantly blogging. Or at least give you a heads-up on their whereabouts.

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