Mini Pinball Is All-pixels

You won’t find those familiar steel balls inside this mini-pinball cabinet. That’s because [Luis’] latest creation is a fun way to play virtual pinball. The playing field is a 10″ LCD screen with an accompanying 8″ screen in the marquee. Inside the well-crafted case you’ll find a mini-ITX motherboard running HyperPin, a frontend software suite for LCD-based virtual pinball. He’s also using PinMame for the score board that was often provided by a gas plasma display on newer mechanical machines. There’s video after the break, and take a moment to check out [Luis’] other mini-cabinet builds.

What’s that you say? No substitute for the real thing? That’s exactly what [Ben Heck] thinks too.


20 thoughts on “Mini Pinball Is All-pixels

    1. Actually, SpellingNazi, if you’d done your homework, youd’ve realized it actually is Hyperpin… Hyperspin is the frontend that controls a multitude of emulators… Hyperpin only does pinball emus…. which is what he is using. FYI.

  1. Exactly, it´s hyperpin and it´s not fake ;)

    The tilt functions will come later, I have to finish the machine for this weekend for a videogames convention in Madrid made by game (gamefest)

    Thank you guys!

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