New A4 Jailbreak Debacle Puts The Brakes On For IPad

If you’ve been waiting in the wings for the next Jailbreak to be release you should know there’s been a bit of a speed bump. [ChronicDevTeam], which has been working on an exploit for A4-based iOS devices called SHAtter, tweeted last Thursday that the fully tested, untethered, and unpatchable package knows as greenpois0n would be released today. But on Friday [Geohot], who you may remember from the PlayStation 3 Hypervisor exploit, rolled out his own mostly untested and admittedly beta jailbreak called limera1n.

So where does that leave the situation? Because [geohot] used a different exploit, the [ChronicDevTeam] decided not to release greenp0ison. If they did, it would give Apple a chance to block two different exploits. Instead they are working feverishly to incorporate, test, and repackage using the same exploit as limera1n.

If you don’t want to wait, jailbreak now, but you risk problems with an unstable exploit method that is only available for Windows.

[via @ChronicDevTeam]

26 thoughts on “New A4 Jailbreak Debacle Puts The Brakes On For IPad

  1. How do people with such amazing technical skills do not find anything more interesting than helping the most screwed-up hardware/software manufacturer on earth?

    Seriously, how many customers would NOT buy an iPhone/iPad if they had to stick with the limited and DRM-infested world Apple allows?

  2. @Burgel

    Assuming the last statistic I read on the topic was accurate, about 10% of Apple’s touch devices are jailbroken, declining to about 5% for a few months after a software update. Which is actually huge if you think about it, but it doesn’t say who wouldn’t have bought in the first place.

  3. @Darkmatter – 100% there with you. I hate OS X, hence why I run Windows 7 x64 on my MacBook Pro. The hardware is awesome, but their programmers seem like they’d fail a basic C class in college. The guy who released JailbreakMe (Comex) now just keep a running list of kernel hacks he finds. (which is how Limera1n became untethered btw.) To find two bootrom exploits is pretty fail as well. If Apple is serious about stopping these guys, they need to fire their programmers and get ones who know what security is. Although I’m fine with these exploits – I just jailbroke my iPhone 4 with Limera1n a few min. ago and it’s fine.

  4. I love Apple software and hardware, I just wish they would give us a shell for iOS devices. A Mac is like a linux box with an extremely well-supported OS, which makes it the most stable platform there is. I don’t understand the motivation for witholding root privileges on their portable devices…imagine how people would react if they did that in OSX.

  5. i just jb my ipad 3.2.2 using the limera1n and it was very simple to do.
    just remember to update your itunes to version 10 or it will not work, believe me, it took me about an hour to discover this.

  6. @FaultyWarrior:

    why do you have a MBP running win7 exclusively? seems like a waste to me – could be running that on any ol’ machine.


    agreed. wasnt geohot crying awhile back that he wouldnt release this exploit because everyone was mean to him or something?

  7. Good one Geohot :B

    At least we have a backup for when Apple blocks this (which, given their DST bug, may be later rather than sooner ;))

    They should use the time after limera1n to stockpile exploits like Team Twiizers.

    That or Android on the iPad ;P

  8. After my screen cracked on my Iphone(a butterfly landed on it) I went to Droid, although one of the highlights of owning an Iphone(for me) was jailbreaking it(joy!) I have come to like the droid better, now with the froyo update and firefox 4 coming, I really like being able to watch flash video and it’s just plain faster.Plus I use it to tether my netbook.

    Yeah, I don’t look as cool as the people who sit at starbucks with an Ipad(doing what I wonder?) but I’m not independently wealthy.

    I still get looks when I pull out my AVR dragon plug into my netbook and start flashing chips. Hey, I’m a coffee addict and proud of it, why are you there? Now if I could only find a way to etch circuit boards at starbucks I wouldn’t need an apartment.

  9. The fact that these things cost as much as a reasonably powerful computer, and yet you can’t use them usefully, should mean that nobody buys them.

    When this supposedly happens, Apple should see the error in its ways and let people develop for their own damned devices, right?


  10. @FaultyWarrior – you run Win7 on a MacBookPro instead of OS X? On everything I’ve ran OS X on (including non-Apple hardware), it’s run better than its Windows counterpart. I would definitely bootcamp Windows on a Mac, but to replace it is ignoring a very powerful and stable OS (thanks to the UNIX backbone).

  11. @ Abba, because nothing is unpatchable. And Apple could just as easily make a hardware tweak, without creating a new revision for software, and there would be no easy way of telling if the greenpoison would jailbreak or brick the new revision, or if the new revision can even be told apart from the current one.

    If someone already shot the man you were going to shoot, shooting him again is just wasted time/trouble.

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