Live Action Fighting Games

Here’s a strange one. This fighting game uses a video game interface to instruct modern-age gladiators on how to bring the pain. The costumed fighters cannot see anything other than a set of lights in their helmets instructing them to move or punch. A camera films them and overlays the footage on a digital background along with simulated blood and a health bar for each. NES controllers are used to instruct them, and switches inside the costumes register the pummeling they receive and deduct health accordingly. This wouldn’t be any good without a demonstration, which we’ve embedded after the break.


16 thoughts on “Live Action Fighting Games

  1. I kinda feel bad for the guy in the red, its almost as if he’s letting the guy in the blue win because if he actually punched the blue guy he would be floored (the blue guys head is at the red guys fist height XD).

  2. “I wonder what they do if you rattle off…
    Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right B A”

    They’d probably just do a stupid little dance! Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A is another story…

  3. @Pickles:
    I was gonna say that!

    But seriously, if they’re seeing commands rather than the actual button presses, then you could have the computer interpret things like the Konami sequence as “spin around” or something ;)

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