Building The Banana Jr. 6000

[John’s] latest build strikes a chord of nostalgia by realizing the Banana Jr. 6000. The whimsical hardware is the product of the Bloom County comic strip. It first appeared in 1984, the same year as the Macintosh. [John] used a Mac Plus as the case but completely revamped the insides. An 8″ touchscreen takes the place of the original cathode ray tube. There’s also a Mac Mini and a couple of speakers salvaged from other Macs. To get things looking just right he altered the case’s logo, painted it yellow, and even altered the Leopard operating system. Now when you boot up you’ll see a Banana and not a partly consumed pomaceous fruit.

[Thanks Captain DaFt]

15 thoughts on “Building The Banana Jr. 6000

  1. This looked good- until I saw the insides. Would it really be that hard to make a custom AC cord that doesn’t take up half the space inside?

    Besides that, exterior looks good.

  2. @ian i would wanna fix it but then i stop and think its prolly the rest of reality thats outta whack.

    @mjrippe eww… freeeak! lol jk

    @banana jr. too bad its not a real product cuz youtube has a theme song ready for ya.


  3. the Banana Jr. lives! it’s beautiful, straight from Oliver Wendell Jones’s desk and ready to trash-talk any other computer out there. i always wanted my Mac SE to walk around like that…

    and whomever suggested that it’d be “better” with a mini-ITX running Linux clearly doesn’t get it.

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