Have You Ever Wanted To Be On (Internet) TV?

Are you an independent inventor? It might just be your lucky day. The fine folks at Independent Inventor TV, a new show currently filming for Revision3, is looking for home and garage based inventors to present their inventions for the camera. Currently they are based out of San Francisco, CA and are looking to film people in person, or by Skype if you are out of town.

To apply to be on the show, send an email to Independent.Inventor.tv(at)gmail.com with the details, photos, and videos of your inventions. The shooting date of the show is November 15th, so make sure to have all submissions in well before then. The selected inventors will get to meet the hosts, Comedian Jonah Ray, as well as fellow hacker [Joe Grand] (who is the creator of many of the DefCon Badges we have covered before). Be sure to let them know Hackaday sent you!

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wanted To Be On (Internet) TV?

  1. Hey kinda coincidental, but one of my projects was just featured on TV last week on the Daily planet’s “Planetyou”. Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/2vqmlyu

    There have been a few other Hackers and makers featured over the past week! Still can’t believe my robot was on TV, a few of my friends actually saw the broadcast and facebooked me about it.

  2. Yeah, this is going to be a fun day. We’re filming the pilot and we’re not exactly sure how the show is going to turn out, but it will be great to see all the cool stuff people have to show off!

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