MeggyCade: When Handheld Pixel Gaming Isn’t Enough

[Bomber Punk] built his own arcade cabinet, but you won’t find any MAME games here. He made the enclosure to house a Meggy Jr. 8×8 pixel graphics game console. Proper coin-op buttons and a joystick replace the stock tactile switches that come with the kit. [Bomber Punk] has also added a lighted coin slot. A three-cell battery pack powers the beast, with a programming port to one side so that different games can be loaded from a PC. We’d like to see a processor upgrade that would allow multiple games to be stored on a stand-alone system.

Take a look at the video after the break, it’ll bring a smile to your face.


[via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories]

12 thoughts on “MeggyCade: When Handheld Pixel Gaming Isn’t Enough

  1. @tomas: Not available in the US either. You can’t embed most videos with copyright music in them.

    Just one more way that the RIAA and MPAA love to say “Fuck You” on a daily basis.

    Show them the same love: boycott copyrighted music (or steal it if you must).

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