Thanksgiving With Thermite

For those in the states, Happy Thanksgiving. Whether or not you celebrate the traditional holiday, you might still want to take a moment to think of what you are thankful for. We are thankful for our readers, who drive us to keep posting projects and challenge us to improve our skills. The Hackers, who supply us projects to write about, both simple and complicated. We are thankful for our bosses, who employ us to do this awesome stuff and only beat us occasionally. And we are thankful for thermite, which burns oh so bright and looks oh so pretty.

Join us after the break to see a turkey, roasted with thermite in slow motion.

[via Neatorama]


38 thoughts on “Thanksgiving With Thermite

  1. Even though thermite is hell lot of fun, is it really necessary to waste food and for that matter a once living thing, like that?

    Ain’t veggie here…I love my meat, but thats just bs.

  2. @ BiozZ,

    yeah no such thing as waste. though is it detonate or deflagrate? shockingly the ol compy thinks deflagrate isn’t a word when it is one of my favorites. (it denotes subsonic combustion, a slow explosion)

  3. yeah it’s really nice to see a turkey killed so a bunch of losers can waste it. the thing didnt die in vain at all. I guess the american way is kill, waste or eat. preferably all three at the same time. here it was only 2 out of 3. stupid redneck hacks.

  4. People are whining over… misuse of a turkey? Seriously this is NOTHING compared to how much unneeded waste a normal human being produces in an impressively small amount of time.

    Yes a turkey died… for the amusement of 145.415 people and counting (minus the nay-sayers).

    Get your morals right first.

    Then laugh of this spiffy thanksgiving video.

  5. I don’t really care about the wasted turkey, but it just wasn’t funny or cool… Ooh a thermite explosion, haven’t seen one of those before… It would be much cooler if they used a little bit and tried to actually cook the turkey instead of just another explosion

  6. Seriously? People are offended that this bird was wasted?

    Over 45 million turkeys are consumed by the US on turkey day.

    The bird was already dead, they didn’t kill it.

    I can see someone being outraged if they intentionally went into the wild and were like “Hey lets kill a turkey so we can fill it with thermite”

    You people need to get off your high horse and live a little. “Where’s the hack?” ??? Are you serious?!? Sometimes I have no hope that civilization will last thanks to idiots like you guys.

  7. I cooked a turkey yesterday, part of a supermarket give-away. Came out tougher than old boot leather. Like eating a rusty bed spring.

    Would have been -less- of a waste to blow it to hell with thermite, and more fun too. Next thanksgiving I’m tempted to see how many rounds of .308 a frozen turkey can take before splintering. Whiners can bite me.

  8. REally? REALLY?

    People whinning over a turkey ignited with thermite. He ATE A SMALL PEICE OF IT AND MADE A NeAT LOOking explOSIon. Stop whinning and get off hackaday. If you dont like their content then dont go to the site.

  9. Well I’ve got a stomach full of Thanksgiving joy, so I don’t really feel too bad about the wasted turkey. If I’d been eating Ramen Noodles for the past week I’d probably be pissed though.

    Still, would I kill a turkey so I could throw some thermite in it and see it burn? Probably not. I don’t think the people in the video thought of themselves as doing that either, although that goth chick did look pretty evil.

  10. SHEESH guys , it took me 2 seconds to simply state that this was a waste of resources, yet some of you raeg over paragraphs and paragraphs about whiners on HaD (go figure).

    Get a hold of yourselves.

  11. why are people so complainey?

    if you don’t want to do it for the love of god don’t do it

    1) its not a waste of anything seeing that a fair chunk of termite goes towards fun (sparklers are termite)
    2) termite is essentially ground aluminum and rust its not in short supply … i probally have 10 pounds of the stuff in my sawdust corner … and neither are turkeys or dinner sets
    3) IT WAS COOL LOOKING … i got a giggle and using 1/100,000,000th of the worlds terky and termite supply i think its worth at least one giggle

  12. Sweeet,

    Great way to grill yer turkey,
    The special effects rule over the side effects (of AlOx ).
    moment of silence for the turkey, moment of cheer for the termite :D
    Happy thanxgivin’

  13. All of you people offended by this video, stand up for a minute…

    Now… if you scraped any food off of your plate and threw it away any time this past year, sit down.

    If you squandered oil and polluted the environment by drinking water out of a bottle any time this last year, sit down.

    If you drove a car or flew in a plane for the purposes of entertainment or vacationing… please sit down. (visiting your family for the holidays counts.)

    If you spent any money going to the movies, buying DVD’s or music CDs… (A huge waste of money, resources… including oil… and a multi-million-dollar diversion of funds that could be used to feed starving people in the third-world)…Go ahead, sit down.

    If you live in a nice neighborhood with home owner’s association fees… monthly fees larger than what many people in this world make in an entire year…. sit down.

    If you own dog, cat, or other fuzzy companion for whom you buy food that many humans on this planet would kill for…. sit down.

    I could go on, but I doubt anyone is left standing. I havent’ yet mentioned that your annual internet bill could feed hundreds.

    Was this video wasteful? Yeah. Was it entertaining? Meh… But before you get all self-righteous, please consider your own excesses. Because the makers of that video bought a turkey for a stupid prank, someone in the turkey-supply-chain gets a paycheck with which he can feed his own family.

    Air Force One costs 181 kilobucks per hour to run. That doesn’t include security, the presidential limo, and legions of secretaries, gophers, and support staff. That’s what we spend when the president goes golfing or takes his wife for an evening out in Chicago…. and you’re worried about some nerds and a single turkey?

    How many people could we feed on the money saved if the president simply sent out for Pizza?

  14. I loved it!

    I can think of a few times I might have considered thermite for that one turkey that was taking foooreevveerr to get done!

    Great Turkey-Day gift, thanks!

    Now about the responses….. talk about funny!!!!
    The outrage that someone in the USA might be wasting a resource.?. Ha Ha Ha… that defines the USA! The world can starve as long as we are comfortable and got my many TOYS to make WAR with!!!

    Love the concerns about those TERMITE, I suspect most spell-checkers do not contain the spelling for THERMITE.

    Anyway can’t wait for Yule time. Perhaps a rocket propelled Xmas tree that lights itself up before take off? or a self unwrapping present?

    Thanks again!

  15. I can’t believe people whined and complained. Cool things happen, when people wonder what would happen if… Then actually try it out, and see what happens. Yeah, so most of the time, it’s not quite as awesome as our imagination, but it was fun trying anyway. What were you guys hoping for anyway? Maybe you can talk a neighbor into deep-frying a turkey in his garage sometime…

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