German Engineering Produces An Overcomplicated Scarecrow

This electronic scarecrow keeps the birds away and makes your neighbors hate you at the same time. That’s because its way too loud, even if the next house is far away. The folks that brought us the climbing bike storage device are at it again, putting together car audio and strings of lights as part of the bird-shoo-ing technology. In the video after the break you’ll see that they’re using a PIR motion sensor to switch power to an automotive amp and head unit. The speakers, strings of lights, and spinning doo-dads are all hidden under a black cape. When an unsuspecting bird tries to feast on the crops, the scarecrow unfolds its arm Dracula-style and raises a ruckus. We don’t expect to see this at a local farm, but maybe for next Halloween?


[via Neatorama]

16 thoughts on “German Engineering Produces An Overcomplicated Scarecrow

  1. Silly germans…always overcomplicating things (i know what i’m talking about…guess where i live)

    I’m waiting for the first crow to get used to this (or the battery to die) and just snip some important cable

  2. I kept seeing this “guy” staring at me every damn time I went to our back gate, after a couple of weeks I’d had enough and went to confront “him”.
    Turned out to be a “scarecrow”!
    At least with this thing I’d have known!
    Funny thing is the orchard had at least 6 gas “gun” bird scarer’s!

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