N64 Advance Portable Gaming System


Like many people [Kyle] loves the Nintendo 64 and decided he wanted a portable version of his beloved console so he could play games while on the move.  One year, two PSOne screens, and three N64 consoles later, his vision is complete.  A Game Boy Advance travel case was gutted and used to house the console, hence the “N64 Advance” moniker.  Like many others, his project uses a PSOne screen for the display, and a Li-Poly battery pack that provides up to 3.5 hours of playing time.  He made sure to include other members of the Nintendo family in his build by adding a pair DS Lite speakers to the mix.

This build also includes some nice “extras” such as having the N64 RAM expansion pack built-in, headphone and A/V out ports (with a screen kill-switch for TV use), and an external controller port that can be used by either the first or second player. Be sure to check out the video of his build after the jump.


20 thoughts on “N64 Advance Portable Gaming System

  1. OMG! I think I just jizzed my pants. I wish I could make one. If I did I would had use a Amtel chip with some kind of linux distro with a emulator installed. So I won’t have to destroy such a beastly peace of hardware like the N64.

  2. That sounds like a really nice little project for somebody. I’m not that much into gaming myself, but I can see where it would be nice for a lot of people.
    But from a technical aspect, it’s really nice. I haven’t seen the dirty details yet, but I think this has a future!

  3. pretty nice mod, playing it with the d-pad looked a little akward though

    i could probably easily find out but i’ve always wondered what that filler stuff is to make it smooth looking

  4. I’m not sure what it is myself to be honest, but I’ve been tossing around doing some case mods or something like this and having done extensive auto-body repair I think light weight body filler aka bondo would work awesome in a project like this. It’s sandable, paintable, and decently sturdy. It wouldn’t really survive a hard drop however. I have also been tossing around the idea of using fiberglass and resin, now that would be a tough and nice filler material.

  5. Everyone is always like ‘i love the n64 SOOO much!’.. but the only game i remember that was any fun was goldeneye. Not saying this is a horrible hack… it’s rather well-done.. I just don’t understand the n64 phenomena. When things went `3d` I kinda lost interest. :(

    Also, I love this site. I’ve been browsing it for years.. IDK why I haven’t commented on anything yet.. =s

  6. might have been easier to emulate this possibly, then you wouldn’t have destroyed 2 n64 in the process. still really cool though, I’m surprised Nintendo hasn’t released something like this already

  7. It would cost about 250$ to build a very nice looking one (such as this). It ultimately depends on what parts you are going for in terms of batteries, board revision, screen, smart charger, tact switches ect. Pretty fun hobby if you ask me although many sleepless nights of research is involved in making one yourself. I made a ps2 portable and since it was my first I spent almost 360$ on it. Most was the case but whatever parts makes you/ the buyer happy would be suitable.

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