[Simoninns] is hoping to compete in the Sparkfun Microcontroller Contest with this cool little Microsimon instructible. The parts list is pretty small, at around 20 components. At the heart is a PIC 12F683 microcontroller. The whole project is very well documented with schematics, PCB layouts, code, and great pictures. This is a great project that you could put together really quickly and is a perfect introduction to charlieplexing. We find that, especially when teaching a new person, games are often a good project to learn from. The interactive and competitive nature of the finished product usually keeps people interested a little longer. You can catch a video of it after the break.


7 thoughts on “Microsimon

  1. the soldering looks kinda crappy imho…
    too much solder and too long heated mistakes are obvious…
    but points for etching your own board.
    Next time though leave more copper (because then you etch away less copper and can reuse your etching solution more often..)

    looks like fun maybe I’ll build it.
    sorry to be so negative, not meant as such, hopefully usable as constructive criticism.

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