Update: Open Source Pick-and-place

[Tim’s] been busy moving his pick-and-place build toward completion. We looked in on the first version of the vacuum head back in October. Since then he’s ditched the camera enclosure which allows for more light and better mounting. The tip has been replaced by one from a pair of vacuum tweezers, and the whole thing is now mounted on a diy CNC machine. The video after the break shows it picking up that IC and moving it around the table. Looks like the part rotation feature is very accurate.

He mentions that the CNC he’s using is quite slow. We hope he checks out this printable Delta robot; hardware that is often used with pick and place machines.

[Delta robot via Make]


5 thoughts on “Update: Open Source Pick-and-place

  1. Awesome stuff! By a rather freaky coincidence I was just looking at getting my CNC running with EMC, and Tim’s page had the precise answer i needed, with some well commented python code to do what I want.

    Congrats, synchronicity goblins

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