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After seeing a picture of a thermometer using a bargraph style nixie tube in place of a mercury column, [Juergen Grau] decided he wanted to build his own. Dubbed the “Nixietherm”, his replica looks even better than the original. He used an IN-9 Nixie tube mounted on top of a custom plastic case, all powered by a 5v USB connection. He points out that his version does not use a PIC or any other sort of processor – it is built entirely from analog circuits. There are some RGB LEDs embedded in the plastic case that make for a cool effect, but they seem to simply cycle through the colors rather than represent how warm or cold the temperature is at any given time.

[Juergen] does not give a lot of details regarding the build as far as PCB layout or a parts list is concernred, but most of that can be extrapolated from the wiring schematic he provided. He also mentions that he will be making kits available in the near future. Be sure to keep reading to see the thermometer in action.

Thanks [Brian]

[vimeo w=470]

16 thoughts on “Nixie Tube Thermometer

  1. really nice, would be cool to have! One word of warning though: Check the datasheet, most of this sort of tubes don’t like it if they display the same value for a long time (it shortens their lifetime).
    And the term “Nixie” doesn’t really fit as far as i understand…

  2. I recently purchased a Nixie kit from Jurgen. Quality parts all the way. Excellent support too. The kit had a few issues with a couple of parts and he sent me out replacement parts without question (leds & spacer) Looks interesting, but would love if it had a button to see what the current temp is rather than have the tube on all the time.

  3. Looks really cool…. Temperature range might be a bit high though, in winter my room temperature drops to 10-12 degrees Celsius at night. And that’s when you see the lights at best!

  4. Absoloutely butiful build! The LEDs should indicate temp also imo, all blue if lower temp or all red if higher temp etc.. Proximity detection for displaying the value would be a good addition too for future work :-)

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