Fun Slide Whistle Synth Toy


[Dino] recently sent us some info on his latest project, a 555 timer-based slider synthesizer. The synth was built to emulate the sound made by playing a slide whistle, and also as an entry into the 555 Design Contest, which is quickly coming to a close. If you’re not familiar with a slide whistle, just spend a few minutes on YouTube looking for clips of Sideshow Bob – it’s ok, we’ll wait.

The circuit is pretty simple, though the implementation is quite clever. While traditional slide whistles require the user to blow in one end, this electronic version operates using a LED and photo cell. When the main switch is closed, the 555 timer is activated, and a tone is produced. The pitch of the tone is controlled by the LED as it slides in and out of the tube. The more light that hits the photo cell, the higher the pitch, and vice versa.

Continue reading to see a quick demonstration of [Dino’s] slide synth, and be sure to check out his other 555 contest entry we featured a short while back.


11 thoughts on “Fun Slide Whistle Synth Toy

  1. That’s cool (: One could add some sort of ADSR VCA or VCF triggered by the same switch (would have to be another kind of switch though, those micro-buttons are SPST) for a more realistic timbre. And mark the note positions on the stick so one could play in key :)

  2. Two telescoping tubes would give a limited but smooth range with fine control. The tape wrapped stem is sloppy and catches in hole.
    Don’t mark notes anywhere. Make it playable with smooth operation then play a lot with backing tone. You will pick it up. Listen!
    This is one real instrument that works with the 555, as it’s pitch stability is poor with keyed notes.

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