Guide For Working With AVR Microcontrollers

[Q] wrote in to let us know about the AVR-Guide he’s been working on. It looks like he’s finished posting about 80% of the content he planned for in his initial draft outline. We read through several of the sections and found them to be concise, yet able to present information in a way that’s easy to grasp. The screenshot above shows the most basic block of information to get started with AVR microcontrollers. We’ve covered the same information in our AVR tutorial series and think that reading through both will give you a strong understanding of the knowledge needed to work with 8-bit microcontrollers with confidence. But this resource doesn’t stop after the basics. If you’re looking to bolster your knowledge of all the features the AVR line has to offer there’s also sections explaining Digital I/O, Interrupts, Timers, Analog I/O, Communications, and Miscellaneous topics.

The site is called QEEWiki. We logged in using a Google account (this is hosted as a Google site) but didn’t see a way to edit the information. If this truly is a Wiki and you know how to edit pages please leave a comment about it after the break.

8 thoughts on “Guide For Working With AVR Microcontrollers

  1. Hi guys its Q.

    Just bouncing off the walls for having been posted on the site thank you all.

    I haven’t enabled the wiki editing part of the site yet due to … well to be honest I haven’t figured it all out yet. Right now all my energy has gone into writing the tutorials.

    Aside from the AVR guide I plan to put another series of tutorials up called “Electrical Engineering for Techs” which will cover the basics of electronics starting form V=IR to common components in a way that everyone can understand (not just some egghead working for TI).

    Thanks again


    1. Hi Q, At first thanks for your great content on QEEWIKI. It was the best content about AVR Microcontroller. But recently I am not able to access your site. I’m requesting you to fix the site.


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