Hackaday Reader Throwdown: Electronic Dice


Hackaday reader [Daid] posted in our forums showing off a set of electronic dice he recently constructed. Back in January, we featured a similar set of electronic dice built with an Arduino that was way overpowered as far as [Daid] was concerned. Not satisfied with simply saying it could be done better, he put his money where his mouth is – something we would love to see more of.

He used an ATTiny2313 to provide the device’s logic, outputting the dice values on a set of four 7 segment displays. The whole setup is controlled by a single push button that serves triple duty rolling the dice, configuring how many sides the dice have, as well as selecting how many dice are being thrown.

He admits that the wiring job is a bit of a mess, but he was going for function over form, and it works just fine. He also says that he would have finished it far sooner if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids some broken 7 segment displays.

We think he did quite a nice job, though we’re all ears if you think you can do it better.

5 thoughts on “Hackaday Reader Throwdown: Electronic Dice

  1. First off, good work daid for putting your money where you mouth is when it comes to these arduino posts.

    @bty your right its getting a bit like makesomethingeachday

    friend of mines first year uni project is a 6 sided dice with a 7 segment and 1 button, no micro-controller at all, but has less functionality.

  2. :|

    Ok, didn’t think it would make ‘frontpage’ by a long shot, else I would have done a better write-up with code, schematics and everything.

    It’s just something I build in 2 evenings because I was bored. And remembered that I had a goal for those 7 segment displays.

  3. Good job. :)
    Kinda cool that someone wanted to beat me. I was just using up some parts and testing what I could make with them.

    Once I finish moving ill have to upgrade my board with a temp sensor and give it a few more options. Right now there’s a NightScan light tower and a late 80s ECM machine on the priority list though.

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