Defcon 19 Call For Workshops


The crew at Defcon is hard at work getting things ready for this year’s event, taking place over the first weekend in August. While the typical call for papers has been out for almost two months now, the extra space afforded by the RIO hotel has given the organizers a chance to shake things up a bit and try something new.

Along side the call for papers, they have issued a call for workshops. Since they have about 8 spare rooms on hand, they have decided to allow people who consider themselves a leader, ‘leet hacker, or ninja in their particular field to share their knowledge in a small (30 person) workshop setting.

The organizers are not strict on content, though it should be compelling. They cite examples such as teaching people to build an impenetrable Linux installation, PS3 hacking, or even helping people prep for a Ham radio license exam.

If you have something interesting to share with the community, be sure to swing by the Defcon site and get your application started!

6 thoughts on “Defcon 19 Call For Workshops

  1. @Spikerbond

    It’s not that the link is necessarily bad, the site is flaky on and off. It was giving me issues yesterday when I was putting this post together. I suppose I would recommend trying again in a little while.

  2. @Luke
    I wasn’t aware of that, unfortunately, I’ve not had the pleasure of making it to Defcon yet. If I am able to attend, and the session is an ARRL session, I’d be pleased to serve as an Extra VE. (I’m only accredited by the ARRL)

  3. An impenetrable Linux installation.

    With network capabilities?

    I want to make an no-network.
    Fully encrypted system without any vulnerabilities such as cold boot attack. Basically a vault to view/copy and extract data. No malware what-so-ever. No special programs.
    And the list goes on but if anyone can help me out on some does and dont’s software please leave some links.

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