Puppy POV: Four-legged Persistence Of Vision Display


We see lots of persistence of vision projects around here, but we can’t recall any that involve a POV display facilitated by a living, breathing animal (humans aside, if you want to picky). [Michael] has a Miniature Pinscher that just loves to run and run…and run…in circles. Since she generally runs very fast and in large curves, he thought she would make a great POV device.

He has a small fleece “jacket” for his dog, and on it, he mounted a Lilypad Arduino, the associated power supply, and five bright white LEDs. Naturally, conductive thread was used to wire up the circuit, and after a bit of trial and error, things came together nicely.

With the vest complete, [Michael] unleashed his dog at the park, letting her run to her heart’s content. All the while, her vest was writing out [Cory Doctorow’s] “Makers” while he snapped some pictures.

We can’t think of a more appropriate text to write with LEDs in the night, but in the spirit of the book, we were hoping to see a circuit diagram or the project’s code posted. If he shares it, perhaps we could convince [Cory Doctorow] to run about the park in a vest, writing out [Michael’s] code in bright white LEDs!

7 thoughts on “Puppy POV: Four-legged Persistence Of Vision Display

  1. I highly doubt the dog can run so fast as to really create pov text. The pictures are taken with a slow shutter, you obviously can’t see the dog. That means: it’s a persistence of camera, not vision. It should be useless to humans.
    I might be wrong, I want to see a movie to clarify it.

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