Quadbike: Smaller Is Faster

After three huge mutant vehicle builds, [Tom Wilson] thought: “why not build another?” This time he decided to weld together a (comparatively) smaller more agile two-seater he calls the Boxer. We covered [Tom]’s previous quadbike, Big Dog, which features a similar tube frame, full suspension, and the familiar culvert pipe wheels.  This time around [Tom] actually built an extensive jig out of plywood to ease in the build process.  The Boxer is much lighter than its predecessor, weighing in at 125lbs Vs the Big Dog’s 490lbs, and about four feet shorter.  The shorter lighter vehicle makes for a much more agile ride.  If you are interested in building your own quadbike [Tom]’s site is a really good resource with tons of detail.

We really look forward to seeing this latest creation at burning man, check out a video of the (comparatively speedy) Boxer in action after the jump!


14 thoughts on “Quadbike: Smaller Is Faster


    Nicely done, wow. It looks so impressive coming toward you haha. I wish I had one :( I’d take this along the paved trails it would sure be a looker :p

    C’mon Wal-mart lmao.

  2. Ha Ha. Good one tony. saw that too. just caught them in orlando. epic.

    this really really makes me want to get off my butt and build that mountain trike i’ve been daydreaming about. my kingdom for a garage…

  3. @fartface & bancroft
    I would assume the reason why the seats are so far forward is to keep the maximum weight over the drive wheels so you can actually take the Boxer over softer terrain and wet pavement without loss of traction or control.

  4. @sariel & fartface
    It’s a compromise between drive wheel traction and doing a face plant when he tries to make a fast stop. Or a mild stop on a steep descent.

    I predict he will eventually move the CG back and or down.

    It’s still a most impressive fab.

  5. Are they nearer the front because that is where the suspension is and it’s easier to lean and turn with your weight above the suspension?

    Weight in the middle and 4 wheel drive/suspension for the next one?

  6. This gives me an idea and inspiration. Pirate a 4 wheelers physics. Professionals have already spent big money researching it and perfecting it.

    I am just not sure if you can peddle effectively in that position.

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