Weekly Roundup 10/1/11

In case you missed them, here are our most popular posts from the past week.

Our most popular post was about a Chinese man who is attempting to build an octocopter that he can fly around by pairing motorcycle engines to propellers. There were a considerable number of comments on this one!

Next we have a post about a project where a 12-series PIC is used with a single inductor to create a working RFID tag.

Our third most popular post was [Bertho’s] tutorial about capacitive sensing. This is his entry into the Dangerous Prototypes 7400 Logic competition so you’ll really get to see the nuts and bolts of how this type of sensing works.

Next is a post that is about a pretty unique lathe made out of concrete. If you have the weight capacity in your workspace, this could be a nice addition to your tools.

In fifth place is a post about [Eric’s] second revision of his word clock that tells time in German!

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