Hackaday Now Officially Has A G+ Page

There was a recent announcement that G+ opened the doors to businesses and organizations for g+ pages. This means we can have an official G+ page with google’s blessing. We’ve opened one up here. We plan on having “hangouts” from time to time so people can show off what they’ve done. Don’t worry if you’re not into the g+ thing. All stories will still be published here on the site. Maybe we can take a page from Adafruit’s book and record some online “show and tell” sessions to share with you guys.

Of course, sometimes it can be more fun to follow the writers individually, since we are more prone to post opinions and things that aren’t official hackaday info, you can find me,( Caleb Kraft ), pretty easily. For the others, you’ll have to search for their names. None of them are online right now so I can ask permission to link to them.

20 thoughts on “Hackaday Now Officially Has A G+ Page

  1. Maybe this time it will last longer than the original hackaday page, which migrated to hacky smith then went missing although I remember a hangout before the admins woke up. I presumed at the time the realnames policy had done for them :)

  2. This thing were hackaday’s comment entry remains in reply mode after you already did a reply is most annoying, and it will screw my posts up many times for sure, it’s hard to keep in mind since only hackaday has that bug.

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