Making A Privacy Monitor From An Old LCD


[dimovi] had a spare LCD monitor sitting around and thought it would be great to convert it into a “privacy” monitor.

The process is simple enough for anyone comfortable with disassembling electronics. He took apart the monitor’s plastic frame, cutting out the polarized film with a utility knife. Once the film was removed, he spent some time removing the film adhesive from the glass panel using a combination of Oops cleaner and paint thinner.

He reassembled the monitor, which now shines a bright white regardless of what is actually being displayed on the screen. He removed the lenses from a pair of theater 3D glasses, replacing the plastic with the film he removed from the monitor.

Now, [dimovi] is the only one who can see what’s he is doing on his computer, which is just the way he likes it.

While there’s not a lot of magic going on behind the process, we think it’s a neat way to reuse an old monitor.

94 thoughts on “Making A Privacy Monitor From An Old LCD

  1. Hi..
    Am working on a modification that could work on some laptop screens to allow them to work with circularly polarised glasses ie RealD 3D.

    Seems that the mod is to replace the CCFL with a pair of LED strips with lightproofing on everything but the emitters and a polarised filter along each.
    The tricky part is that the panel also needs to be modified by removal of the rear polariser.
    Best done on a scratched screen, as reversal (ie install panel rear outwards) of the panel will also somewhat work.

    1. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS..the gentleman in this video could get the screen to be absolutely dark: it cause those particular brands of lcd screens turn dark on removing the polarizing filter or did he do something else too?..and my primary question:CAN THIS BE USED ON SMART WATCHES??a lot of us can use this for our personal purposes.i need to use this VERY soon.thankyou in advance.

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