Paint Your Pictures, No PC Needed

LEDs and and cameras always make a fun mixture, and its not all that hard to have quite a bit of fun as well. The Light Painting Stick is similar to other long exposure camera tricks like LightScythe and gets about the same reults. The difference is the Light Painting Stick is self contained meaning you don’t have to drag nearly as much stuff along with you to have fun.

Hardware used is HL1606 controlled RGB led strip commonly found at Adafruit, the brains are a Leaf Labs Maple micro controller board with an SD card and some human interfaces attached, and is powered by a 6 volt lantern battery.

Images are 64*infinity 24 bit BMP files which means there is not much fuss preparing your graphics other than doing a simple rotate. You can select which image is displayed by using a 2 way switch and the LEDs on the stick. Select your images, dial in your speed with the potentiometer, and you’re  ready to hit the fire button for some photo fun.

14 thoughts on “Paint Your Pictures, No PC Needed

      1. Make it spin a few inches from a center and you actually go your holograph, with the right timing, but it would require you to close one eye I guess else you would see two dissimilar images, unless it is aware of the viewer’s position and distance and uses that phenomena on purpose.

  1. Something like this was posted way back when on hackaday. Did somthinkphpg like this with film slr. Make a charicter built a flash box took the exposed pic flashed the box and the image comes up in the photo with out the box

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