Tired Of The Normal Use For Your Toothbrush? Why Not An Engraving Tool?

Hardware hackers and makers like us may not be well known for our excellent hygiene habits, but after [Dan]’s creation, no one can claim he doesn’t know how to use one! Either out of a total disdain for tooth care, or hopefully, after using one properly for many months, [Dan] decided to turn his electric toothbrush into an engraving tool!

At around $4 and meant for cleaning plaque off teeth, this tool isn’t the most powerful engraver on the block, but is capable of good work on softer material such as acrylic. Be sure to check out the heart that was made with this improvised tool that introduced us to [Dan]’s work.

This is really a clever use of your resources, and the article gives a nice account of how the toothbrush was modified with pictorial directions. Besides it’s use as an engraving tool, this might give someone other ideas for alternate toothbrush uses. For another neat alternate home-item use, why not check out how to repurpose an air freshener as a camera trigger?

10 thoughts on “Tired Of The Normal Use For Your Toothbrush? Why Not An Engraving Tool?

  1. I was about to mention the prison tattoo gun idea. I have a few jail-house items that my dad taught me how to make; including tattoo guns.

    I’m really surprised HaD doesn’t feature more prison made items. They know how to make more than shanks and electric lighters. I’ve seen DIY winches that have enough torque to pull two mattresses covered in clothing across a room; made mostly from CD players.

  2. I have one with a clip to hold cleaning cloth soaked with chemicals. It does wonders in cleaning ckt board edge conectors. They are in slot recesses and are fragile, but the short stroke cleans the finger contacts well.

  3. I look at the guts of this toothbrush and I see a portable, rechargeable aeration pump for live bait or transferring live aquatic specimens from the field to the lab…after a bit of hacking. Sadly, I have no teeth, so I don’t even own a regular toothbrush. LOL

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