Cheap And Easy Logic Signal Generator

While function generators or analog signal generators are ubiquitous in their utility, we haven’t seen much of logic function generators on Hack a Day. Luckily, [Dilshan] sent in a really neat 8-channel signal injector that is amazingly simple to build and comes with a great front end for editing patterns from your computer.

The hardware portion of the build is kept to a minimum with a PIC18F chip, USB socket, and header pins as the only major components. This board serves as the hardware output for the Kidogo software. This software provides a very nice interface to generate 5 volt logic signals on eight separate channels that will immensely help exploring your digital world.

With a great interface and very easy to build hardware, we can easily see the Kidogo hardware finding its way onto workbenches around the world. We’re tempted to build our own version using an AVR, but we would hate to ruin such a simple but useful tool.

8 thoughts on “Cheap And Easy Logic Signal Generator

  1. “We’re tempted to build our own version using an AVR […]”

    Yeah… cos It is using a PIC microcontroller… it can’t be good.
    It is worth only if it is build around an AVR chip.

    That’s how the world rolls… I know.

    1. What if you are already invested in the AVR platform as a beginner that started of with arduino and then moved on?

      Should you go get a PIC programmer, spent time learning the intricacies and differences coding for the 2 platforms?

      I’m sure there are many other valid reasons as well.

      More opensource tools are not a hindrance.

  2. What sorcery is this! I’ve also been working a similar device using the PIC18F4550, a sister chip to the PIC18F2550. My UI is no where nice as this though awesome job. Now that there is competition I need to get cracking.

    1. Hey Bryan, do you lacking an eye for UI-Design or coding skills to top that? Because if its for the forst you can hit me up and I style you something based on your scribbels. Im not that sharp with coding and am fairly new to microcontrollers. I would be glad to help in a field Im majoring in.

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