Hacking The Chronos And Exploring The ISM Bands

Take a few minutes and watch [atlas of d00m], at Shmoocon 2012, presenting information about using the RF dongle from the Chronos to explore ISM bands. Admittedly, I’m not very familiar with many of the things he discusses, but the words make sense. The bits and pieces I am familiar enough with to comprehend are truly fascinating. He covers typical methods of RF modulation as well as some hardware specific information to that dongle.

If you have a few minutes, or want more security related stuff, check out all the coverage from Shmoocon 2012. Tons of great videos here.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCvN3Jf2cPY]

3 thoughts on “Hacking The Chronos And Exploring The ISM Bands

  1. the 902-928 ISM band has been a godsend for me. We were able to get rid of multiple licensed 900mhz radios for SCADA. In the changeover, we converted from $2500 radios that were decades past end-of-life (Motorola DARCOM), that required balancing of all sites on the network each time one was added, and supported 300 baud serial ‘party line’, to an Ethernet based solution that is digital, spread spectrum, resilient, wideband power supply (8-30 DC), 256k, and with the addition of a $100 Serial to Ethernet converter, supports all of our older gear.

    This has allowed us to use RS-485 in a lot of places, has allowed us to greatly increase the resolution and reliability of our SCADA system, and has allowed us to reduce our RF footprint.

    It may not be for everyone, but ISM has been a godsend for me.

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