Watch A Shop Tour Through The Screen Of An Oscilloscope

[Alan] posted a video tour of his electronics shop, but you’ll be viewing it through the green screen of an oscilloscope. The image above is a video camera filming a scope screen which displays the image of…. an oscilloscope (insert your own Yo Dawg meme here). But first he shares the technique he uses to display composite video on an oscilloscope screen.

The first three minutes of the video after the break are devoted to the video display hack. He starts with a glimpse of the breadboard circuit which takes the composite video signal and provides the necessary X, Y, and Z input signals to the scope to perform like this. He then walks through each portion of the schematic, which is based on an LM1881 video sync separator chip. The horizontal and vertical sync signals are separated by this chip, then filtered to produce ramp voltages for each to drive X and Y. The Z-axis is fed through a simple inverter circuit; Bob’s your uncle and your oscilloscope is now a TV monitor.

Of course this is not the first time this has been done. But we loved [Alan’s] presentation, and thought the shop tour was a fun way to finish off the video.

7 thoughts on “Watch A Shop Tour Through The Screen Of An Oscilloscope

  1. Yo Dawg! I heard you liked oscilloscopes so… lol
    But, memes aside. This is awesome. As with many of the things that shows up on this page, I can only speculate as to why one would do this. lol

  2. “Yo Dawg” memes???
    I should probably get out more…Ooo, look…Oscilloscope…I’ll get out later.
    I can leave anytime I want….Really….After I finish this, and that, and that, oh, and that too, probably….

  3. Don’t forget to check out the rest of that guys videos. Extremely educational especially if you’ve got your hands on a decent analog scope but aren’t sure how to use some of the features and are only used to ‘Auto’ on a digital.

  4. The mind boggles. He could now use this scope to do colonoscopies!

    I only want my polyps rendered in analog, please! None of that digital stuff.

    Analog scopes are so cool.

    Though I’m sure all analog scope owners cringed mightily when his camera shut off and that bright spot hit his CRT. We fear the CRT burn.

    I was recently given my first scope (not working), and loaned a second to help me work on the first and do my project. I have since acquired a third and am waiting to take delivery of a forth (via craigslist, $50, brokered by a downstate friend). I can see myself collecting analog scopes (“yo dog, you *are* collecting analog scopes”). I’ve used soundcard scopes before and this is infinitely better.

    I have surrounded my original project with these scopes. Each morning, I check on their progress, hoping the “scope elves” have worked on my project.

    I have learned so much working with and on these scopes.

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