Brawndo Drinking Fountain – It’s Got What Geeks Crave!

brawndo fountain

If you’re tired of drinking mere water, like from the toilet, then you should definitely install a Brawndo drinking fountain. Apparently, in addition to being what plants crave, geeks also enjoy this futuristic beverage.

As with many hacks, this fountain started out with a broken piece of equipment – a water fountain. After searching unsuccessfully for a new pushbutton valve [Dave] and [Craig] decided to use a solenoid valve instead. Logically, they decided that if a new valve was needed, some new features to go along with it were also needed. Along with this valve, a peristalsis pump was installed to add flavoring to the water if Brawndo was selected (as opposed to toilet water).

The hack was finished off with some nice decals and a switch plate. As you may have suspected, the Brawndo fountain was custom made for a makerspace.  In this case Kansas City’s own Hammerspace. Be sure to check them out if you’re in the area!

20 thoughts on “Brawndo Drinking Fountain – It’s Got What Geeks Crave!

  1. Cool idea, and nice implementation.

    Seems like it can be a waste of the additive tho if people just let it run down the drain while drinking?

    Might be nice to have a double push button… one starts the water, another starts the additive pump… so can selectively stop the additive w/o having to toggle the switch.

  2. Nice, although more pictures would have been nice. Also, it’s cool that KC has a hackerspace. I didn’t know we had one, and will probably be going to check them out soon!

  3. Wow. I knew I’d be ushering in the idiocracy with this thing… I just didn’t realize how quickly it would happen.

    Apparently I talk all faggy and my shit’s all retarded.

    For the pedantic, yes a peristaltic pump that operates on the principle of peristalsis.

    The Mio reservoir is currently just a mio bottle with the end of the feed tube inserted into it.

    Thats how I “hook in the mio bottle to does the water.”

    There are more photos on the Hammerspace Website.

  4. I thought this was a filter or reverse osmosis system. Why, it takes city certified clean water and pee’s in it according to Holeywood’s taste. Same water, just real $$$ down the real drain. I hope there is no lead in the chiller pipes. Some handed down or discarded coolers had huge lead contamination.

  5. OMG – I was watching idiocracy while surfing tonight and just as the scene when all the people lost their jobs because of the switch to water I scrolled down to this post.

        1. again, I only disagree with the term hipster. It is a label for an elusive thing that everyone defines differently but everyone loves to hate. Nothing in that video says hipster to me, though it might to you.

          Quite simply, they made a prop from a movie. You haven’t seen that movie. It neither detracts from the prop, nor says anything about you.

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