Tron Costume Fits Nice And Snug

We’ve seen our fair share of Tron costumes and props, but much like [Sean-h] points out, they are usually pretty bulky and baggy. He’s gone a slightly different route by starting with a wetsuit instead of bulkier items like leather jackets. The lighting is done in the same manner we’ve seen before, copious amounts of EL wire and EL tape. The additional layers of this costume were made from foam, so they could be fairly form fitting as well.

[Sean-h] points out that there are some downfalls to his design. The wetsuit, while looking great, gets pretty hot while indoors and the foam layers have a tendency to detach if you move around too much. We think it looks great though. Good job [Sean-H]

12 thoughts on “Tron Costume Fits Nice And Snug

  1. He is going to die at a convention. A wetsuit is hot to begin with, couple that with 90,000 nerds in a convention center and I can see a tron dressed guy passed out on the floor.

    Looking good is 1/2 the challenge, being comfortable is the other 1/2.

    It’s like the daft punk kids being led around like they are blind, it’s because they ARE blind bu building the helmet so they cant see.

    1. pretty sweet indeed, but even though i can understand why he chose a wetsuit (probably had it lying around), if for comforts, it’d be cooler to
      get 1mm néoprène and stitch it together himself (it’s not that hard, i reconstructed my first wetsuit out of a completely destroyed used one and neoprene samples given by a surfshop)

  2. 1) awesome suit/build!

    2) definately NOT a chick magnet, nerd chicks dont “hang around” and the ones that do would be utterly repeled by this suit, well i mean they’d like the suit, but making one in hopes of picking up a hot nerd chick to date/go out with, is like hoping to randomly find a lost 20 bucks in a park TODAY.

    3) #2 doesnt apply to tron conventions or halloween, maybe new years ect

    4) the suit might be quite warm inside, might it be warm enough for new years eve party? sounds like a good idea for new years :)

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