Update: Using Your Forearms As A UI

This image should look familiar to regular readers. It’s a concept that [Chris Harrison] has been working on for a while, and this hardware upgrade uses equipment which which we’re all familiar.

The newest rendition, which is named the Omnitouch, uses a shoulder-mounted system for both input and output. The functionality is the same as his Skinput project, but the goal is achieved in a different way. That used an arm cuff to electrically sense when and where you were touching your arm or hand. This uses a depth camera to do the sensing. In both cases, a pico projector provides the interactive feedback.

There’s a couple of really neat things about this upgrade. First, it has a pretty accurate multitouch capability. Second, it allows more surfaces to be used than just your arm. In fact, it can track moving surfaces and adjust accordingly. This is shown in the clip after the break when a printed document is edited in real time. Pretty neat stuff!

[Thanks 0.zer0]

11 thoughts on “Update: Using Your Forearms As A UI

  1. Far out demonstration, but respectfully it’s still far from prime time. Requires further severe miniaturization to be wearable. In that it duplicates what the user may already be wearing or may be readily at hand in a lab shop office few would be willing to carry another electronic device around. Geeks get ready to wear shirts with epaulets. When the get it that small it may start being practical. Individual units could be used in shops to created durable easy to clean keyboards for CNC units or other computers.

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