The Most Portable GameCube Ever

Here’s the smallest GameCube we’ve seen, straight from the fruitful workbench of [lyberty5] over on the ModRetro forums. Even though we’ve seen disc-less GameCubes before, [lyberty5] puts this project together so well it wouldn’t look out-of-place in the Nintendo product lineup.

Unlike most of the other portable GameCubes we’ve seen, [lyberty5]’s build doesn’t have a disk drive. The games are loaded off an SD card with the help of a Wiikey Fusion, a small FPGA’d device that replaces the CD drive in GameCubes and Wiis with an SD card.

The enclosure was constructed out of vacuum formed plastic with the always popular ‘dremeling and bondoing a controller for proper button placement’ method. Inside the enclosure is the hacked up GameCube, a 3.5 inch screen capable of displaying NTSC video at 640×480 resolution and enough battery power to get two or three hours of playtime from a single charge.

After the break you can check out [lyberty5] fast-paced demo video that really sets the bar for portablized console presentation.


13 thoughts on “The Most Portable GameCube Ever

  1. cool but why place the sd card on that place the bottom next to the usb poort looks better if you ask me. at the back you have the letters HD cutout funny but it is not HD an you can get dust and stuff easy in your bild i think thats not a good thing.

    1. You’re right!
      There are smaller ones and even much nicer ones!

      F.e. take a look at (master) Ashen’s portables! Awesome design and he even used a 5″ display in it’s latest one!

      The smallest gcp i’ve seen came from ShockSlayer i guess… but who cares anyway..

  2. Sorry guys, it definitly isn’t the smallest, it’s my first after all.. I can see how the author of the article got confused, since people over at modretro were talking about it being small, but it was mostly because it’s small as a first..

    I’d like to give credit to Ashen while I’m at it cause he gave us the disk replacement method, and actually holds the title of smallest around the web

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