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We’ve received numerous messages about this new login popup on our site. This is NOT our doing. It is most likely some ancient script from our ancient template that has finally become outdated or expired. We’re working on a resolution. If you hit cancel it will go away.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and are working to get rid of this immediately.

Update: It is gone. It was a site statistics script from sitemeeter that suddenly had issues on many sites.  We try VERY HARD to make sure our advertisements are unobtrusive since we rely on those ads to support us. Anything that gets in the way of you reading our site is bad.

43 thoughts on “Strange Login Request At

  1. Have not seen this show up yet on Chrome, would have loved to have poked at it a bit to see what was going on.

    Thanks for being transparent about it in acknowledging it and letting us know your working on a fix though. Very awesome.

    1. You’re welcome. We try VERY hard to keep our ads unobtrusive since that’s how we survive. Anything that stops you from reading our page is a HUGE no-no. To have a login pop up? holy cow. bad news. I figured it was important to acknowledge it immediately.

    1. Are the Hackaday folk still actively using sitemeter I wonder? Surely Google analytics is doing the same thing for them and probably gives more relevant data.

      In its defence, I actually prefer sitemeter as it’s a lot less invasive for the readers – doesn’t apparently track them between sites, etc.

      1. google analytycs DOES track between sites that dont use it??? really? looks like google just got a DNS block on my windows… PS i use a different search engine then google

      2. I read somewhere about 80% of the web causes your browser to touch a google server (assuming you’re not using Chrome or a Google toolbar, etc). Simply blacklisting Google’s domains (and there are many of them) in your hosts file will break much of the web for you unfortunately. If you’re worried about it, a pretty neat solution is moxie marlinspike’s for firefox.

      1. I understand this, but I won’t be changing my viewing habits. I do not follow ads, period. If I like something I see (somehow) I look it up… I do NOT go through the ad.

        As far as I’m concerned advertisers need to die in fires.

  2. Unreleted to this, but whilst you’re looking at logins…

    I often get redirect loops between and It seems clearing the browser cache sorts it, but it can be annoying. Once again it may not actually be a HaD issue but thought you;d like to know as it affects your site’s usability.

  3. This usually happens from a blocked banner. For example I blocked on DNS level and map it to a and I have on my local computer a web server with no anonymous page. When I load a normal page with a banner randomly gets from and redirects to, I get a login popup

  4. Whilst we’re on the subject, I have to say that I like your policy on adverts. Like a lot of people I always left Adblock+ on the “block everything” setting because I got so sick of full screen iFrames with dancing pink unicorns and worse, together with a hard to find “close” button.

    I whitelisted you as a trial after you promised that the ads wouldn’t be annoying, and I haven’t noticed them any more than a press ad. Probably less.

    Odd that other sites don’t do this – The only other one I know of is (where Thorazine and tinfoil hats are always in fashion :), but they all but advise their readers not to buy anything advertised on their site…

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