Dueling Mechanical Bulls

Do you have what it takes to stay on the mechanical bull longer than the next guy? Who cares! We want to know if you’ve got what it takes to build your own dueling mechanical bulls. After seeing the development stages in the video after the break we think you’ll agree that the construction part of the project is way more fun than the ‘sport’ that results. But still, we can’t watch the competition without beaming with delight too.

The project was developed by the Madagascar Institute, an Art Collective out of Brooklyn, New York. The scene displayed above is the installation at this year’s Google IO conference, where two contestants could battle it out on the same hardware, being driven the same way, at the same time. You can make out a sign on the wall in the background. It acts as the scoreboard with two red arrows, one of which will light up to identify the loser when they have been thrown from the bull.

If only this had been driven with a Bullduino… maybe next year.

[via Adafruit]

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