Key-covered Textiles

[Karolina] has been hard at work adding a little flair to her bag. Well, a lot of flair actually. She rolled several keyboards worth of keys into one of the panels for this bag. She had seen the idea in a magazine and decided to give it a try. The secret is to use staples.

The first issues is gather enough keys, so if you give this a try make sure to let your friends know you’re looking for old keyboards. Next she wanted each of the keys to lay flat on the fabric panel, which meant cutting away the plastic pegs that extend past the edges of the key. From there [Karolina] laid out her design with each key face down. Notice how careful she was to make sure there were no gaps between them. Now it was time to link them all together. She used heavy-duty staples as connecting brackets. They were bent to provide a large gluing surface on the underside of the face of each key. With the staples in place, each can be sewn to the fabric with a loop of thread. Although she started the project in the fall she’s just now showing off the finished bag.

13 thoughts on “Key-covered Textiles

  1. Next time, maybe try filling the keys with resin, and then stapling into them, through the cloth. Fast, robust, easy. ABS holds a pneumatic staple really well. I have stapled stuff to hard hats, BMX helmets, wheelie bins etc. with great success

  2. I don’t mean to be rude or hurt anyones feelings, but ummm… How is this a hack? Don’t they have websites for crafts? Now if the bag had bluetooth and was a functional wireless keyboard, THEN you’d have something…

    1. That’s what I was hoping this would do. Maybe a rubber dome keyboard with conductive thread underneath along with a bluetooth keyboard internals to communicate with a device (iPad bag cum keyboard?). This is just something that although may have taken some time to do and is a little cool, is really lame in the end.

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