A Wireless MAME Coffee Table Controller

MAME coffee table plan

Although we’ve featured quite a few MAME controllers here, we thought we’d feature one more. It’s only a well-drawn mechanical plan at this point, but if the results are anything like the model or detail drawing, we will be quite impressed.

One thing that is of particular interest is the planned parts list. Amongst them are the typical joysticks, buttons, and even a trackball. What may be new to some of our readers is the bluetooth arcade controller by [Wayne and Layne] opensource hardware kits. Although they aren’t cheap at just under $80, and requre an Arduino Mega for use, this is nonetheless an interesting control option. The maximum button presses may be another limiting factor at 6, but it should be a cleaner solution than cannibalizing one or more wireless controllers.

Of course, we’d be negligent if we didn’t at least give you a link to a completed MAME controller. Be sure to feast your eyes on these images if you’d like some finished controller eye candy or check out the pic after the break!

MAME controller

Via [Reddit] and this article as well.

5 thoughts on “A Wireless MAME Coffee Table Controller

    1. agreed, cool design/concept but would be neat to see the control portions flip over for use as a real table.

      also for ‘real’ arcade gamers, the 6 button limit is a complete dealbreaker.

      1. Ah 6 buttons are sufficient for most of us. Personally I would add a seventh trailing button on the bottom row for NeoGeo stuff.

        I would say that you might want to reconsider the button layout, your wrists could be aching after 30 minutes of gaming on this thing. There are plenty of layouts available online.

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