RGB Chandelier May Not Fly With The Wife

We understand where [Craig] is coming from, leaving no stone unturned when looking for new electronic projects to occupy his time. He tried to convince his wife that they needed a light show to accompany dinner, and while she was skeptical he went ahead and built this remote control RGB chandelier anyway.

He recently purchased fifteen feet of RGB LED strip and has since been trying to use it in his projects. What’s interesting is that he didn’t make direct use of the strip. Just 10 of the LED packages were used. He desoldered and extended each wire leads and used one of the driver chips to address them all. The main body of the light fixture is a triangle, and out of each side two test tubes host one LED each. To diffuse the light [Craig] mixed up some resin and laced it with glitter. Once hardened the resin holds the LEDs firmly in place. The glass shade in the center of the fixture hides four more LEDs.

[Craig] uses a remote control from a Roku box to control the chandelier. An IR receiver is monitored by an Arduino which drives the LEDs accordingly. After the break you can see a demonstration of the completed project. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide as much light as they need. We’d suggest an upgrade along these lines.

13 thoughts on “RGB Chandelier May Not Fly With The Wife

  1. O M F G!

    @ 4:20 “So you can scroll through all 23 effects and … a lot of them a really pretty”
    => my GF would throw me and this thing out if i’d put anything similar near her (and eat the food alone)

    1. More like the old “women hate gaudy ugly as sin useless electronics because they clash with their carefully worked out design layout” shtick, that tired old stereotype. I bet there are tons of women out there that like ugly stuff.

  2. I agree with the wife that it doesn’t fit the decor of the dining area. But I also agree it looks very Dr. Who-esque, and should do nicely in Craig’s man-space. (I hope his wife allows him a man-space.)

  3. I think it looks bad ass! I would install it while she’s out.

    Maybe you need a motorized lift to raise it out of the center of the table in the middle of dinner some night. Remote controlled of course. Maybe pedal operated.

    p.s. glitter and resin in a test tube, that should do the trick. CRAIG IS DA MAN.

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