Metroid Helmet Takes Halloween Costuming To A Higher Level

Hackaday writer [Ryan Fitzpatrick], aka [PlatinumFungi], recently put together this amazing Metroid Power Suit helmet as a prop for a [Mike n Gary], on youtube. How amazing is it? This image is an actual photograph of the helmet! It’s being modeled by [Kelly Johnson], who built a power suit costume for a previous Halloween. But she never made a helmet, which makes sense to us. After all, how are you supposed to talk to anyone while wearing a helmet? Practicality aside, it is a delight to walk through the fabrication process.

[Ryan] started with a motorcycle helmet, making paper templates based on images from the game. After he had a reasonable road map for the work that needed to be done he started cutting away the parts which he didn’t need. The ‘beak’ on the front was then fabricated from paperboard, with the fins on the side sculpted from rigid foam. But there’s still a lot of work to be done from that point. Sure, the internal lighting and colored visor are necessary touches, but it’s the paint job and ‘distressing’ steps that make this look so realistic.

Looks like we’ve exceeded his bandwidth due to the tons of pictures he had of the process. Check out the video after the break.

18 thoughts on “Metroid Helmet Takes Halloween Costuming To A Higher Level

  1. This is f*&^ing cool, I just wish that they added some functionality to it. I’m not talking about speed ball or spring ball, but maybe a ventilation fan and an arduino making some 8 bit sounds.
    Now I know what I want to do for my next costume party… if I have the cash.

    1. The easiest way to cut styrofoam is with a heated copper wire, just send enough amps through a thick gauge of solid copper wire and slide the stryofoam through it, or just attach a heating element. This option is basicly a no mess solution.
      If you use this be careful not to touch the wire, it’s not safe, but then again I would not say it is safe to touch a running bandsaw

    1. I got the porn video vibe (so to speak) from that production quality too. Let’s hope it does cos that Kelly is a proper blonde hotty! Looks awesome in the green lighting too.
      It really shows too that the helmet was made after the suit, because it’s looking way better quality than the rest of the outfit.

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