RC Airplane Made From Political Signs


Whatever candidate (if any) you’re in favor of, we could bet that you’re probably tired of seeing advertisements and political signs everywhere. [Mark] wrote in with a hack that allows you to actually use these signs for something fun, making a RC airplane!

[Mark] gives a full bill of materials in his article, but the featured component is campaign sign. This isn’t LawyerADay, so we’re not sure of the legality of taking them. After election day at least, it’s doubtful anyone will care. Of course you’ll also need a motor, prop, and RC controls, as well as some dowels to attach the tail section to the main body, so don’t buy the “campaign promise” that this is a free airplane.

CAD diagrams are available of the cutouts, as well as how to cut the signs to form hinges without any other parts. This is quite clever, and a video of the plane in action on a table is available on the site. According to [Mark], no video was rolling on its test flight, but it did fly before some interference grounded the plane. Hopefully he’ll be able to get some footage of it in action soon!

30 thoughts on “RC Airplane Made From Political Signs

      1. @spider

        Why don’t you start your own hacker site and you can fill it with pedestrian projects and all the comments can be from the circle jerk crowd full of yes men and false praise.

        Sure to be a big hit among the average IQ crowd.

    1. So, Skippy, what was it about the self-explanatory title of the write up that your pedestrian mind didn’t comprehend, that you had to waste your time reading and posting?

      The hack in this case is the novel recycling of political signs, not the RC plane itself

  1. Fairly strong, lightweight, highly abundant, etc. these signs have a lot of potential if you use a bit of imagination. Thinking about some thing like those modular panels I saw a ways back that you could assemble into ‘furniture’, personally.

  2. If you find this interesting check out the following website.


    I built the .40 size DPS years ago (from the plans) and it turned out to be a fun build, great flier, and fantastic trainer. It was too cool to bend coroplast over a yard stick and then fly the heck out of it.

    The concept is a great cheap way to fly.

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