Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your Halloween and be safe. Keep reading for a thermite project preview.

I was actually out testing out some stuff with thermite. I’m seeing how little you can use and still completely destroy a hard drive as part of an upcoming project. I just thought an exploding pumpkin might be a fun way to say happy Halloween.

Before someone points out that this reaction seems a little odd. I had just burnt this drive with thermite but didn’t record it. The drive is actually full of water here. However, 3 tablespoons of thermite did a perfect job of creating a tiny hole and destroying the platters. Keep an eye out for an upcoming project using this information!

Those two pieces that are alone in the picture were found on the ground after the explosion.

42 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Halloween! Bah Humbug! It’s already cost me 2 Picnics, 2 Cherry Ripes, and a small bag of lollies – and we don’t even celebrate it here! (damn American television).

    When are we going to get back to normal???

  2. Americans have way to much food… carving, blowing up, throwing etc… At same time somewhere in other country children starving… And i too hate Halloween :) Here we have totally different holiday All Hallow day. Where world is rolling?

    1. yeah, I drove past a field last week with lots of pumpkins in it, probably too small for most purchasers (large jack-o-lanterns, please)and too late for getting in market in time. I’m not sure if they could be used by the local ethanol producers. Maybe, just maybe they were grown for pie filling, but most “pumpkin” pie filling is made from squash!

      1. We used to grow pumpkins on the farm I lived at, and we found that the absolute best pie filling was from ‘white pumpkins’ – as you say, a squash. Runner up was ‘Cinderella’ which, as the name suggests, looks like Cindy’s carriage. They tend to be wider and flatter than most people use for carving.

      1. I don’t think it qualifies for ‘massive social discord’ when a few grown men chasing a ball around a field or park at night is enough to distract people from their daily troubles.

        You must live in a neighborhood where everyone gives out ‘fun sized’ candy.

    2. Putting all the land that could produce food in the US(there’s a hell of a lot of it) into production going to help those who can’t afford the increased labor & transportation costs.Except for items that help people produce their own food I doubt the complicated issue, not going to be solve here. I suspect Pumpkins where first cultivated to feed livestock, becoming a platform for folk art because they where handy & the critters still can eat them later.

      1. There’s nothing like the nice, quiet, reflection during Pamplona, Spain’s Fiesta de San Fermin, the running of the bulls (especially when awaiting post-goring, trampling surgery).

      2. Fuck that noise, we celibrate with some white old dude in a pope costumer who have a group of “black” people working from him giving out candy. Well black people… it’s usually white people that paint their face black. It’s shame i don’t know any americans here this year, last year was a blast seeing her almost get a heart attack once she figured out what was happening.

  3. Merriam-Webster Definition of HACK
    1a : to cut or sever with repeated irregular or unskillful blows
    1b : to cut or shape by or as if by crude or ruthless strokes

    Pretty well defines exactly what went on here. Add to that we got bonus explosions.

      1. Dear God Ren why would you ruin such a nice vehicle buy putting that in it? Plus the fact that the engine is in the rear and there is not much room as it is. You could fit a nice Porsche engine in if you really wanted too but they are not built for speed.


    Also I think some one should compare the differences between the pumpkin dismantler used here and an old fashoned pumpkin dismantler using pyrotechnics. Make it fabulous while your at it.

  5. Blowing stuff up is what makes Halloween enjoyable. To be honest seeing that pumpkin blow up made my day. All this talk about Americans this and Americans that. So if somebody blows up a pumpkin people judge a country?? It’s a fun hack and remember this site is a privilege for you to be on. Respect posters and where they come from.

      1. Well I Guess it could mean that we are we are f’n awesome, but I’m putting my money on our actions that adversely affect them are pissing them off. Arrogance isn’t a virtue. Humility is far from being pacifist, and is a virtue, and will net Americans more more than arrogance. Was a time America understood that.

  6. We grow an Atlantic Giant pumpkin on the manure pile every year. It’s become something of a tradition to use a large acetylene/O2 ballon every Nov 1 to dispose of it in the pasture (the cattle love the pieces), but this certainly looks worthy of a try…

  7. I think it’s funny when hackers (people who modify things for off-label uses) get bent out of shape when the authors of this site occasionally feature off-label projects. ;)

  8. I was about to post a rant about HaD deleting my ANTI-America-Bashing post, but then I re-read all the posts in this thread.
    I guess my original post was deleted for its viewpoint of ‘ACTUALLY working for what you have’, or maybe its ‘DON’T EXPECT my GUBMENT to GIMME GIMME GIMME all I want’.

    Maybe HaD can tell me the CENSORSHIP REGIME applied here.

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