KegDroid Makes Drinking Beer More Fun

KegDroid beer arduino

Are you bored with just drinking beer? Are your friends constantly sneaking into your house and stealing your sacred beverages? If so, perhaps you need KegDroid – the Android controlled beer tap created by [Paul Carff].

Looking for a way to add more excitement to drinking his beer, [Paul] spiced up his tap with a little extra technology. He added an Android tablet for touchscreen navigation of the menus, an Arduino to control the flow sensors and solenoid valves, and an NFC reader to act as security for restricted access.  Users must be authenticated before they are allowed to pour any alcohol.

Your name and photo are pulled from your Google+ account as you’re logged in, then you simply select your beverage of choice, and if you’d like a one, eight, or twelve ounce pour. Flow sensors automatically shut off when you have the desired quantity.

Seems like you get more foam than beer, but all in all it’s a cool bar top app.

Check out the video after the break.


16 thoughts on “KegDroid Makes Drinking Beer More Fun

  1. I love Android, but I hate how the Android robot has become the new Tux. It just gets slapped all over everything so Android users can feel special and show everyone that they feel they’re superior.

  2. Isn’t this old news? This video was all over the net (Engadget, Slashdot,, etc) back in April when he posted it. He since hasn’t posted any kind of website or any code anywhere. IIRC, he also used quite a bit of info from Kegbot ( for his flow sensor setup.

    Not complaining, just curious how it wasn’t featured on here back when it went viral in April. :-)

  3. Kids these days, drinking more beer in itself is not fun enough for them. Just hope they don’t grow up to be old people with their comments may be reading into those who have fun with the Android robot or Tux more than what’s really there.

    1. however most people who actually use metric don’t use “centilitres”… its actually 500mL. the metric system goes up in x1000 increments (milliLitre, litre, kiloLitre etc.) just in the same way real engineers don’t use centimetres :)

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