Simple Hack Plays Any Sound As Your Door Chime

[Jim’s] technique for turning a wireless doorbell into a custom ringtone player is so simple. He manages to get the entire thing done using only a screwdriver and wire clippers as tools. But if you’re looking to use this over the long-term we’d recommend soldering the connections rather than relying only on the twisted wires.

Above you can see all the components used in the project. The wireless doorbell unit is no different from most battery-operated units on the market today. Inside the Radio Shack box is a recording module that lets you play up to 20 seconds of audio. This is powered by the 9V battery on the right. [Jim] removes the speaker from the doorbell and clips off one of the wires that connected it to the board. This is reused as the ground connection for the recording module. The other speaker wire is connected to the ‘Play’ button on the module’s PCB. That’s it, just record your custom sound and pack everything back into the doorbell’s case. You can see the entire hack and hear a demonstration after the break.

12 thoughts on “Simple Hack Plays Any Sound As Your Door Chime

  1. The only people who ring a door bell are the people you probably don’t want to talk with. Our door bell is hooked to nothing. Either our friends are expected, or they text us when they get here. The only good door bell is the one that doesn’t work at all.

    1. I thought I was the only one who had a disconnected door bell, I wanted to put a sign up with a quote from Johnny Mnemonic, “If you’re not expected then you’re not welcome, so go away,” but my wife said it was an unreadable mess, so we have a graphic of a cat hissing that just says “go away” above it. It seems to be doing the trick.

      1. Packages go to our work address, Police – get real, if the police are on my doorstep they better be waving the warrant at the security camera or have their flack vest on. Landlord – um, we own the house and it’s private property.

      2. With package delivery, well, i have nosy neighbors, no one is going to steal it. Police? I help them out whenever I can, they have my cell number. I don’t have a landlord, so three for three, I’m good, thanks for playing.

    1. recorder or maybe voice sheild/waveshield + bullhorn would make a good horn

      might nee a micro (and relay/mosfet) to turn the bullhorn on when you press the horn so it’s not always on

      with the voice or wave shield you could have different sounds like “hey the light’s green” “ahemm..”, a gotye clip “you didn’t have to cut me off” etc…

      not a bad idea

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