RC Car Transforms Into RC Robot


After nearly 30 years since the first episode of Transformers aired, someone has finally done it. A company named Brave Robotics out of Japan has created a true transformer robot that is half remote control car and half remote control bipedal robot.

According to the Brave Robotics’ site, this creation is the result of more than 10 years. In 2002, the first version of the Transform Robot was completed – a relatively simple affair that transformed but couldn’t walk or drive. Over the last 10 years, the prototypes have seen incremental improvement that included a drive system for the wheels, a steering mechanism, and even the ability to move its’ arms and shoot plastic darts.

Surprisingly, you can actually buy one of Brave Robotics’ transforming robots for ¥1,980,000 JPY, or about $24,000 USD. A little pricy but we’re sure we’ll see a few more transforming robots in the future.

Check out a few more videos of the Brave Robotics transform robot after the break.



16 thoughts on “RC Car Transforms Into RC Robot

    1. I would assume these are closely linked… according to Brave Robotics, this (current article) is version 7.2, and the referenced (older) post shows a version 8 of the robot… with older videos showing matching cars…

  1. Cool. But $24,000? A *little* pricey? For that much, I want to be able to ride in it, even if it’s the size of a clown car. Or at very least, it shouldn’t be as shaky and stiff in walking mode as an arthritic chihuahua.

  2. “Are you cold, honey? Your headlights are on.”


    Awesome build, even have time to build a CNC machine and a 3D printer in between. I guess compared to a transformer robot, those are quite pedestrian.

  3. Firstly: This is a whole bag of awesome. I love how the front end pieces move together on the chest while transforming.

    Secondly: Brave Robotics is an apt name, you’d have to be pretty brave to try and start a company that sells RC cars for $24,000.

  4. You have my attention now how to put this thing in production with better appearance, also 24,000 is too much for a kids X-Mas present. Yes it is cool, but No charging for all your man hours from all the revisions isnt going to sell these. because i dont think all those parts on just that one robot cost 24k, But the total cost over the years could cost 24k. anyway great job, pitch your toy / robot to some big name people and i know it will be a hit.

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