Land Speed Baby Carriage Record Set At 53 Mpg


Let’s face it, you’ll never break the motorcycle land speed record without a stellar engineering team and some serious corporate sponsorship. But this build proves that individuals can still set other speed records. [Colin Furze] rode his motorized baby carriage over the 53 mile per hour mark to set a the world’s record. We were surprised to learn it only took him about one month and $750 to build the infant death machine.

The design appears to take a page from the commercial lawnmower industry. We say that because the driver rides along on a little tow dolly behind the carriage itself. All of the controls are mounted within easy reach of the T-bar steering mechanism. There are a couple of rockers for his thumbs which actuate the gas and brakes. Red push buttons just below the handlebars are used for up and down shifting with a third button used as a kill switch. The only thing missing from the write up is video footage of the actual 53mph run. We guess you’ll just have to take his word for it.

[via Dvice]

25 thoughts on “Land Speed Baby Carriage Record Set At 53 Mpg

  1. I wonder how they define these things. Seems like a “mobility scooter” or “baby carriage” could be just about any vehicle once you allow it to be gas powered and whatnot.

    So if I buy a Can-Am Spyder and call it a mobility scooter do I get the record? If I strap a baby seat on the front of a Bugatti Veyron does it become the worlds fastest baby carriage?

    1. Guiness Record wants to make money after all, so you got a new idea: Just do it!
      But of course you are right, as soon as there are more than 10 people interessted in that sort of thing they have to put up some rules (or just dont put it in the book and dont care about it)

      Definetly a really great thing, would love to use that in my city :D

    2. So what speed did he reach with that mobility scooter/got credit from Guiness Record for? Maybe worth a look at as these invalid carriages had a book speed of 60mph.. and it seems a pair of them got pulled for overtaking a police car that was doing 70mph.
      Last time I saw one in the flesh was in the early 80s when it was parked up in someone drive way. looked well cared for though.

  2. That “pram” has as much to do with a real pram as a NASCAR racing vehicle has to do with a real car. Nothing at all. The whole thing’s a custom built, pseudo-pram.

    Start with an actual pram, then he’d have a claim on the record.

    1. Yup. I’d want to see it meet safety standards and all the rest, for real prams. Maybe even see if a baby would sleep in it (with the motor off!). As it is it looks like a terrible pram. If the pramliness is just a token thing, then why pretend? Why not make it a skateboard or a tricycle?

      Currently if you pushed your baby in that, even with the engine off, social services would have your kid away. Not a pram!

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