Hackerspace Intro: Workshop 88


If you find yourself in the West suburbs of Chicago, IL with nothing to do you should head over to Workshop 88. [Andrew Morrison] shot some video at the last public meeting which includes a tour of the facilities. We’ve embedded it after the jump for your convenience.

The clip isn’t so much a tour as it is a POV experience. There’s no narrative and the people at the meeting seem to be oblivious that anyone’s recording video. This makes for a pretty interesting presentation, starting with a little rubbernecking at the projects being shown off at the meeting. From there we pass by a couple of members pulling a wire run through the ceiling of the machine shop. Next we see the electronics lab complete with a Makerbot and a very tidy component storage wall. [Andrew] makes a quick trip through the small music studio before heading back to the main room at the close of the segment.

8 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intro: Workshop 88

  1. A few things. It was really weird that nobody was in the electronics lab. It’s usually filled with at least a few tinkerers. I wish he’d shown the door logo from the outside, because it was painted in layers so it looks good from the outside but awful from the inside. And, lastly, really glad everyone likes the component wall. They used to be strewn about the work tables and drove me mad. Awesome that Andrew was able to capture the hustle and bustle of the space.

  2. I rather like the informal nature of the video. It was interesting how oblivious everyone seemed to the recording as well, it makes me curious about the camera used.

    I think it’d be neat to see more ‘POV tours’ like this in the future.

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