Extreme Game Boy Hack Plays Titles From A Wide Range Of Systems


[Akira] can play any Game Boy, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, or SMS game while on the go thanks to all the work he put into this portable gaming hack. The outside seems familiar; it’s an original Game Boy case. But you should immediately notice that it has a few extra buttons. That’s the first clue that what’s inside isn’t stock… which is a huge understatement.

The idea for the project started off rather simple, but quickly got out of hand (check out the build log for full details on that). He thought it would be nice to have a backlight for the original screen. After mixed results he scrapped the original mainboard and started anew with some Nintendo DS Lite hardware. It had a broken LCD connector so he tried a couple of different fixes to get it working again. After some success he started adding more equipment, like the extra pair of buttons, a better speaker on the battery door, and the microSD add-on you can see above.

You can catch a demo of the finished goods after the jump.

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26 thoughts on “Extreme Game Boy Hack Plays Titles From A Wide Range Of Systems

        1. It kind of defeats the purpose of the project. The idea was to house it all in the GB case. Note the title of the project: Gameboy – Reloaded. Not DS – Reloaded.
          The only hardware hacks here are what was needed to fit the DS hardware and buttons in the case, the rest of it is indeed software via a flashcart.
          It’s fantastically done, s superbly clean hack as we’ve come to expect from those at the Bacteria forums.

    1. There are some great DS titles that don’t use the lower screen for more than static info or graphics that aren’t essential to gameplay. Still, I could see a nice second screen hack that fits into the original cartridge slot. It would be a lot of work but would be much more interesting than blinkenlights.

      I think I’ll take the lazy route and get a flash cart for my DSLite, I don’t have the time or patience to pull this great hack off.

  1. Man I doubt I could cram that in there! Nice job and the finished build looks great! Gonna have to stick with my PXP until I get your skills. Great job on getting the old machine back up and running too :)

  2. What i wonder is why know one has made a 3D printed copy of a Game Boy and then add full functionality. It would also allow the button layout to be manipulated to look more esthetically pleasing.

  3. this is amazing, there anyway you would build me one? i have no way of doing this myself or know anyone capable of pulling this off. i doubt you would but its worth a shot.. name your price lol

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